Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dress bodice options...

So, after searching and searching for Victorian French lace, finally finding it, spending several hundred on it... I hate it. After counseling my seemstress I scowered the garment district this past Sunday and here are a couple mock-ups I made with the materials I found. Feedback please! And excuse all the pins. :)


  1. Is this for The Dress? David told me that you and your mom had found one a couple of weeks ago, so I am confused. Clearly I should have a conversation with you about it instead of relying on your brother's descriptions! =)

    So. I adore the whimsicality of the feathers and lace on the white dress. And I also really dig the traditional, and flattering, lines of the peachy bodice. Since I'm assuming it's for you, I think it would accentuate your tiny little waist nicely!

  2. Being so picky with fabrics I couldn't find a dress/bodice combo I liked so I bought a a dress with a skirt I like with the intention of having the bodice redone. (Good deal on the dress). I found a seamstress who is awesome. The pictures are mock-ups of what I might want done... I found the fabrics and lace in the garment district- the most magical place on earth! Miss you guys!

  3. Hey Friend... I want to hear all about your dress... I am confused. Are you having a seamstress create a dress for you from another dress you like? I would love to chat again soon and hear all about the wedding plans. Miss you